83415474 -Identify, elaborate basic delivery service challenges related to cross-boarder mobility, migration or displacement and recommend capacity…

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Closing date: 19 Aug 2022

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, in Ethiopia and Djibouti, hereinafter referred to as “The Employer”, intends to have a tender for Consultancy Firm.

The details requirement as stipulated in the Term of Reference of this invitation**.** Should you be interested in implementing the tasks according to the attached Term of Reference, please submit the proposal at the latest by Friday, 19 August at 11.00 AM, Addis Ababa Local time. Any proposal arriving after the deadline will not be considered.

  1. Tasks to be performed by the contractor

The main purpose of this consultancy is to build the ability of the Moyale Ethiopia and Kenya public administration and health service provider offices to provide equitable services to host and mobile populations in a gender-sensitive approach.

The contractor is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Undertake a situational analysis of the current health policies (both National and sub-national) and implications for Cross Border and Mobile Populations.
  • Document the unique gender-specific challenges faced by host and mobile populations including access, adequacy, appropriateness, utilization, and quality of health services in Moyale cross-border area.
  • Identify innovative approaches for enhancing health service delivery to cross-border and mobile populations.
  • Identify public service providers’ technical competencies and capacity gaps.
  • Develop a systematic capacity-building plan that prioritizes 2 capacity development needs for public administration officials and health care workers in the Moyale Cross Border area for elaboration in training manuals.
  • Provide actionable recommendations and policy recommendations for addressing identified gaps.
  • Develop 2 training manuals for the identified priority capacity development needs
  • Conduct tested pilot training measures.
  • To evaluate the satisfaction of cross-border mobile populations and other vulnerable groups including Mothers and children served at the facilities in the Moyale Cross Border area.

2.1 Activities:

  • Desk review: the consultant will collect and review the relevant documents for the assignment. Available data at IGAD and GIZ will be made available.
  • Field visits: – the consultant will repeatedly visit Moyale Cross Border area to conduct interviews with key stakeholders. The contractor will also interview national-level stakeholders. These visits will serve the collection of relevant country documents and interviews with the relevant government institutions.
  • Develop a situation analysis report: Based on findings of the assessment and desk review, the consultant will draft an assessment report which will be discussed and enriched through internal validation by the IGAD technical experts.
  • Preparation of capacity development manuals: Manuals that can serve as references for capacity building/development in the areas of cross-border health service shall be prepared. This will be guided by identified needs, institutional capacities, and available resources.
  • Regular coordination meetings with GIZ and IGAD

**2.**2 Deliverables

  1. Inception report that details envisaged methodology and time plan (max 15 pages)
  2. Situation Analysis that includes policy framework, analysis of challenges and potentially innovative approaches (max 10 pages)
  3. Capacity Development Plan that identifies and prioritizes capacity development needs (max 5 pages)
  4. Develop 2 Training Manuals
    1. Develop draft gender-sensitive training manuals
    2. Test-Run of training: The contractor will test the elaborated training with selected gender-balanced participants and incorporate feedback into the manuals used for the pilot training.
  5. Validation Workshop The consultant will facilitate 2 days workshops that bring together all the different stakeholders from the Moyale border areas of the two countries. the consultant will present the findings/outcome of the field visits and desk review exercise. The contractors will also present the draft capacity-building manuals
  6. Conduct 2 Pilot training The contractor will conduct 2 cross-border pieces of training that involve the stakeholders from both sides of Moyales. The pilot training is the second feedback loop for the development of the final training manual and includes at least 20 participants from each administration.
  7. Final Report (max 20 pages) The consultant will incorporate comments and contributions from participants of the validation workshop and develop the final report including the policy options.
  8. Final Training Manuals The training manuals will include comments from test runs and pilot training and will be submitted alongside the reports of the pilot training measure.

2.3 Preparation of final report and manuals:

Milestones, as laid out in the table below, are to be achieved by specified dates during the contract term, and at particular locations:




Inception report

2 weeks after contract signing

Draft Situation Analysis and Capacity Development Plan

7 weeks after inception report

Draft capacity training manuals

9 weeks after inception report

Test run training manuals

10 weeks after inception report

Draft final report

12 weeks after signing

Validation workshop

13 weeks after signing

Final report and manuals

14 weeks after signing

Pilot Trainings

15 weeks after signing

Period of assignment: From September 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022.

  1. Concept

In the bid, the bidder is required to show how the objectives defined in Chapter 2 are to be achieved, if applicable under consideration of further specific method-related requirements (technical-methodological concept). In addition, the bidder must describe the project management system for service provision.

Technical-methodological concept

Strategy: The bidder is required to consider the tasks to be performed with reference to the objectives of the services put out to tender (see Chapter 1). Following this, the bidder presents and justifies the strategy with which it intends to provide the services for which it is responsible (see Chapter 2).

The bidder is required to present the actors relevant for the services for which it is responsible and describe the cooperation with them.

The bidder is required to present and explain its approach to steering the measures with the project partners and its contribution to the results-based monitoring system.

The bidder is required to describe the key processes for the services for which it is responsible and create a schedule that describes how the services according to Chapter 2 are to be provided. In particular, the bidder is required to describe the necessary work steps and, if applicable, take account of the milestones and contributions of other actors in accordance with Chapter 2.

The bidder is required to describe its contribution to knowledge management for the partner and GIZ and promote scaling-up effects (learning and innovation).

Other specific requirements

All GIZ projects and contract are required to demonstrate the “do no harm” approach. Therefore, the positive impact of this undertaking on gender, conflict and context sensitivity, environment and climate should be clearly specified if it is relevant.

Project management of the contractor

The bidder is required to explain its approach for coordination with the GIZ project.

  • The contractor is responsible for selecting, preparing, training and steering the experts (international and national, short and long term) assigned to perform the advisory tasks.
  • The contractor makes available equipment and supplies (consumables) and assumes the associated operating and administrative costs.
  • The contractor manages costs and expenditures, accounting processes and invoicing in line with the requirements of GIZ.

The contractor reports regularly to GIZ in accordance with the AVB of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH from 2018

The bidder is required to draw up a personnel assignment plan with explanatory notes that lists all the experts proposed in the bid; the plan includes information on assignment dates (duration and expert days) and locations of the individual members of the team complete with the allocation of work steps as set out in the schedule.

The bidder is required to describe its backstopping concept. The following services are part of the standard backstopping package, which (like ancillary personnel costs) must be factored into the fee schedules of the staff listed in the bid in accordance with section 5.4 of the AVB:

  • Service-delivery control
  • Managing adaptations to changing conditions
  • Ensuring the flow of information between GIZ and field staff
  • Contractor’s responsibility for seconded personnel
  • Process-oriented technical-conceptual steering of the consultancy inputs
  • Securing the administrative conclusion of the project
  • Ensuring compliance with reporting requirements
  • Providing specialist support for the on-site team by staff at company headquarters
  • Sharing the lessons learned by the contractor and leveraging the value of lessons learned on site

How to apply

The tender requirement :

  1. Requirement and the Content of The Technical and Financial Proposal

The Financial Proposal must be stamped and signed by an authorized representative of the bidding company using the Price offer sheet provided together with this Invitation.

The proposal should be submitted in English and must be sent by email to : ET_Contract_Quotation@giz.de no later the date and time indicated in section 2 above.

Bids are to be submitted using the two-files procedure.

Please submit your technical and financial proposal in two files, technical and financial (PDF format). Price information shall not appear in any part of the technical proposal.

To secure your financial proposal (pdf and excel file) please set up a password which will be used at a later stage once the evaluation of the technical proposal is completed. The proposers who achieve the technical score will be requested to provide a password.

The maximum size of each email should not exceed 10 MB.

The subject line of the email will include the reference: Cosoft: 83415474

mention the name of the submitting company.

Content of Technical and Financial Proposal as follows:

Technical Proposal: should be consist of

  • Company Profile
  • Copy of Company Registration – Legal Documents
  • Tax Registration Number

Financial Proposal:

  • Price sheet, it has to be signed and stamped by the bidder
  • Bank Account Details
  1. Technical and Financial Assessment or Evaluation

We will evaluate the bids received in the light of both technical and price considerations (see the attached Technical Assessment Grid of this invitation.

The technical proposals will be evaluated based on the criteria and weighting

The technical and financial proposals are weighted at a ratio of 70:30 respectively. The technical bid will be weighted with 70% and the financial proposal with 30% on the basis of the following formula: (Technical points obtained by Proposer X divided by the best number of points) x 70 % + 30 % x (Lowest price divided by the price of Proposer X).

Technical evaluation of bid x 70% + most economical bid x 30%

Technical evaluation of best bid price of bid

The presentation and interview of implant staff will be part of the technical evaluation criteria.

The overall order of rank is thus established, with the most cost-effective bid at the top.

  1. Validity of Proposals

Proposals should be valid for a period of not less than 90 days after proposal opening unless otherwise specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions. Proposers are requested to indicate the validity period of their proposals.

  1. General Terms and Conditions for Contract

GIZ General Terms and Conditions for the contract

  1. Contract Award / Adjudication of Proposals

The Contract will be awarded to the Proposer/Bidder offering the most responsive evaluated proposal and whose services are commercially and technically acceptable (best overall value).

If you have any further questions in this respect, please send an email to (pcc@giz.de) using the reference Cosoft Number – 83415474 within the period 26.07.2022 – 18.08.2022. The queries will be answered by E-mail, and both queries and answers will be forwarded to all companies involved in the bidding process.

Terms of reference, price offer sheet, General terms and Conditions, and Assessment Grid will be provided upon you request through the following email address: (pcc@giz.de)

Thank you.

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