Deputy/Assistant Operations Manager

Lideta, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Saicooper HR Extension PLC

The Assistant Manager responsible for a team of Team Leaders and assist Team Leaders to determine problems and provide resolutions on any customer care issues and service problems; to coordinate escalations; mentor and support Team Leaders.

In collaboration with the Operations Manager/Site leadership drive adherence to procedures in compliance with the SLA and process Coordinate with other functions on workforce management; and manpower requirements. Ensure SLA compliance by regular quality checks and reviews Further, identify areas of non-compliance and suggest solutions to address the same.

Identify process improvement opportunities; and proactively address them.

Ensure corrective action is taken on the gaps identified through Audits team; ensure adequate staffing based on process requirement, attrition trends, process complexity; interact with the client on a regular basis to determine the level of satisfaction and ascertain areas of improvement based on client feedback.

Provide input for value addition services to client for their consideration.

Ensure Team Leaders have a clear understanding of ISON’s business goals, Key performance metrics, and effective people management skills to drive performance.
 Promotes an effective working environment
 Provides leadership while coaching Team Leaders to improve skills and ability
 Conducts root cause analysis to identify performance improvement areas
 Provides continuous feedback in the areas of improvement, corrective action and succession planning
 Monitors SLAs on a daily basis to ensure achievement of minimum target per performance parameter.

  • Building team cohesiveness through staff meetings, team goal setting and brainstorming
     Working with the Skills Development and Human Resources team on skills development, motivation and coaching.
     Suggests performance incentives to inspire the achievement of set goals.
     Responsible for follow up and quick resolution of escalations.

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