Quality Manager

Lideta, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Saicooper HR Extension PLC

The Quality Manager works closely with the Operations team to define, standardize and monitor quality

parameters and thereafter make recommendations for ongoing improvements.

Plays a crucial role in the design and documentation of standard operating procedures including quality

evaluation methodology based on organisational and client requirements. Continuously reviews

processes and procedures, and provides ongoing feedback for continuous improvements for quality standards.


1. To prepare and Implement Quality assurance process based on Quality Assurance Plan.

2. Undertakes frequent root causes analysis pertaining to customer complaints/frequent queries and

develops action plans to address the same.

3. Ensures Quality team undertakes evaluations per agent based on the set out frequently and


4. Prepares regular performance reports including trend analysis for internal discussion or client


5. Provides coaching and feedback to the quality team.

6. Managing overall call center Quality services – internal and external Quality Checks.

7. Align quality evaluations to iSON and client requirements.

8. Ensure daily evaluations as prescribed are conducted by the Quality Assurance team in addition to

participating in calibration sessions with client.

9. To conduct regular internal audit based on defined processes and procedures to ensure compliance

and adherence to procedures.

10. Manage day-to-day performance of Quality Analysts including providing them with guidance and

coaching on their day to day duties.

11. Review and prepare measure to reduce fraud risk and any other risk to the process

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