Skill and Development Manager

Lideta, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Saicooper HR Extension PLC

We are looking for an experienced and seasoned Manager – Learning, Training & Development to join our team! As a L&D Specialist (Professional Development), you will determine, design, and implement the best and most innovative ways for our employees to learn new skills and knowledge, and apply and practice them in their roles.

Key responsibilities

– Facilitate learning modules, identify opportunities to drive continuous improvement of our L&D programs, design and implement innovative learning experiences, manage learning projects, and ensure our work is data-driven and impactful.

– Facilitate and coordinate selected modules as part of our professional development programs.

– Work with the leadership and stakeholders, and the available data, to identify skill gaps and priority areas of development to be addressed.

– Develop learning interventions that address the priority development areas. This will involve creating or curating (externally or from our global team) engaging, accessible, inclusive, and effective course content, resources, and programs. This will also involve supporting the rollout of global L&D initiatives.

– Apply tested instructional design theories, practices, and methods to learning interventions.

– Propose the approach to measuring the learner’s performance and develop assessment and impact measurement instruments.

– Leverage new technologies and innovative strategies to increase the efficiency and scalability of our processes.

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