Sitcom writer (comedy writer)

Sitcom writer (comedy writer) Vacancy in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa
Abricom Multimedia

Abricom multimedia is looking for talented, passionate comedy writers to join our exciting team of writing staff for our sitcom project. 

Key requirements:


Pitch, develop and write sitcom episodes.  

Collaborate with a team of writers to build compelling stories that capture audience fitting multiple demographics.

Attend pitch meetings, table reading sessions and contribute ideas on team member scripts.  

Incorporate our team and showrunners insights and suggestions to deliver impactful storylines that are consistent with the theme of the sitcom.


Well informed on the local prdouctions and media landscape. 


Experience in writing for TV, film or social media is appreciated. 

Producing and Directing experience a plus

Professional TV staff experience in drama and comedy a plus

Prior experience in writing comedy is not a must. if you feel like you have a good sense of humor and have what it takes to write a sitcom we enourage you to apply.


Per episode delivered

How to apply

Send a sample of your script that you hope will showcase your sense of humor and structural understanding.

Sample should consist of 3 scenes at the maximum.

Sample script should be situation driven.

Attach your CV with the sample to our email

To see job detail and apply click: Apply Now

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