MEAL Manager-SWAN Consortium

Job Description


LOCATION:  Addis Ababa


POST TYPE: National

Child Safeguarding:

Level 3 – the responsibilities of the post may require the post holder to have regular contact with or access to children or young people

Team Purpose:

To ensure SWAN consortium and projects sectoral program have a robust and functional Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) system, and the management, technical and logistical capacity to effectively implement the planned actions.

Job Purpose:

Support SWAN consortium projects, consortium members and INNGO partners technical team and management in the set up and implementation of an effective and coordinated MEAL system, MEAL strategy, MEAL framework, approaches and tools. The Consortium MEAL Manager will clearly map for SWAN projects what indicators will be tracked, methodologies and tools for tracking performance indicators, including data analysis and use plan, in accordance with Save the Children standards. The MEAL Manager will set up of data management system to the projects according to information data requirements for evidence-based decision making, reporting and make sure programme learning is documented and implemented. This will include further strengthening of data collection and analysis, and ensure quality compliance with donor requirements including reporting. She/he will provide ongoing support to strengthen respective MEAL mechanisms and contribute effectively to the SWAN projects overall MEAL objectives. This contains supporting to further strengthen and manage accountability mechanisms ensuring that support is extended to all beneficiaries both at partners and SWAN consortium levels. She/he will facilitate learning within the consortium members, INNGO partners to improve programme quality and delivery. The MEAL Manager will also support during assessment of the existing climate risks and conflict crises for designing of anticipatory humanitarian and proactive climate actions strategic programming framework for SWAN Rapid Humanitarian Response Mechanism in Ethiopia. She/he will support in identifying key learnings, manage knowledge, and further strengthen the capacity of consortium partners staff on MEAL, and he/she will assist the field team for all assessments, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all aspects of their work.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Planning, MEAL System Development and Management

•   In collaboration with the Operations Manager, actively participate in the SWAN projects design and proposal discussions, including support on theory of change development, log frame design, and budgeting for MEAL;

•   Support the assessment of the existing climate risks and conflict crises for designing of anticipatory humanitarian and proactive climate actions strategic programming framework for SWAN Rapid Humanitarian Response Mechanism, and anticipatory action proposals development

•  Render any other technical support to the Operations Manager, SC PDQI around designing and development of processes and initiatives to support strategic planning, projects development, evaluation and learning as required;

•  Support SWAN projects programme team, and consortium members, and partners technical team both at head and field offices in the development of a MEAL framework with indicators for output, outcome and impact and, support the development of a strategy that informs effective programme delivery by relevant program staff;With the support of the Operations Manager and MEAL TWG, support in the development of MEAL plans, quality indicators and logical frame works with clear plans for data collection, analysis and use of information based on key performance indicators for all SWAN projects proposals/ program documents; and effective performance indicators and result framework that conform to the scope of work of the projects;

•   Jointly with the Operations Manager, ensure that the MEAL data (reports, baseline surveys, PDM surveys and evaluations) are easy accessible for all SWAN project team, MEAL TWG members, partners, managers, stakeholders, national clusters and donor;

•  Jointly with the Operations Manager, provide support for consortium members and partners, MEAL TWG members, and field based MEAL focal points in developing data collection methodology and tools, and systems for on-going data collection, analysis and reporting of SWAN projects multi-sectoral program response (WASH, ES and NFI, Health, Protection and anticipated agriculture, food security and livelihoods, education in emergency, emergency preparedness with anticipatory action) data, and ensure the consistency of beneficiary data;Ensure effective common understanding among SWAN consortium and Consortium Partners on MEAL objectives and frameworks and organise orientation, workshops and training;

•  Assist the Operations Manager and the project team for quality delivery of the programme, setting up MEAL system for accountability and documenting learning;

• Work with the Operations Manager and participate in periodic assessments including climate risk and conflict hazards, HEA analysis, rapid needs assessment, market and feasibility assessment, PDM/KAP surveys, mid-term and end line surveys or final project evaluation in line with consortium members’ policies and standards;

. Support the Operations Manager and consortium members, and partners in preparing donor reports, monthly, quarter, annual and other periodic reports in line with the reporting schedule and MEAL Framework; and ensure that good quality data is presented for report writing including donor/EHF reports:

• Support in collecting, consolidating and submitting the IPTT report monthly from partners;

•  Work with the MEAL TWG and partners programme team to develop a culture of programme quality and knowledge-driven programming, providing support to management for evidence-based decision making processes;

•   Work with the consortium members and partners team both from head and field offices in collecting, collating and timely, and quality reporting of beneficiary data for project activities; and support the Operations Manager in compiling and reporting total number of beneficiaries reached;

• Support in ensuring that all consortium MEAL work is carried out in a way that is sensitive to gender and protection issues;

Monitoring of Project Interventions

•  In consultation with SWAN MEAL TWG members, support the design, review and update of innovative tools, apps, templates and resources for effective programme anticipatory action assessments, rapid joint needs assessments, monitoring, evaluation and reporting;

•  Assist in conducting assessments, surveys, focus group discussions and key informant interviews, analysis and reporting ;

•  Support in conducting PDM surveys, observational monitoring, FGDs, KIIs, at field sites in consultation with partner’s field staff, and perform analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and draft reports presenting the results of the analysis; and ensure that monitoring data are fed into management decisions and used in programme management.

•  Work with the Operations Manager in planning and conducting regular monitoring visits to all SWAN partners operational areas to ensure that all projects are on the right track in performing the planned activities and achieved the expected outputs;

•  Support in preparing and timely submitting of standard monitoring reports to the senior management team of partners, national clusters, donor and other concerned stakeholders;

Data Management for Quality and Learning

• Support in setting up and rolling out of electronic and hard file data management systems and protocols to allow easy access to key performance information by all key stakeholders in the project;

•  Assist in using robust ICT systems and ME information management systems, and e-learning platforms such as mobile based applications of KoBO, Mobenzi, LMMS, intranet, communities of practice, etc. in beneficiary registration and data collection in line with the Project MEAL framework, data storage and dissemination for wider learning across teams respectively;

•   Support in the development of SWAN consortium project and partner databases and other data management processes including filing, update MEAL frameworks, ensuring that all records are properly organized and stored;

• In consultation with the Operations Manager, actively engage in collating, analysis and updating of data as guided by project indicators periodically; and in partner data validation/ data quality audits.

•  Support in the design and implementation of periodic projects review meetings and lessons documentation practices

Establish Functional and Context Specific Accountability Mechanisms

• Work with the Operations Manager, MEAL TWG and partners technical team to ensure that functional and context specific accountability mechanisms setup, introduced and implemented the system, especially focus on participation, information sharing, feedback and response mechanisms, continual learning and improvement plans are developed, roll out and implemented accordingly;

• Support in establishing a sustainable Community Feedback and Response Mechanism (CFRM) at SWAN operational areas and partners field offices level which ensures all beneficiaries can make confidential complaints and be confident in response processes;

•  Support consortium members and partners field offices to stablish or strengthen, and training of Community Feedback Committee Members represented from participants of the project, and supporting them to collect, manage and close feedback loop during NFIs and cash assistances;

• Assist at field level in providing accessible, timely and relevant information about the partners, partner’s COC, project description, type of assistance, entitlements, how to use the support provided, and how to raise any complaints if they have any concern (entry points of complaining) before and during distribution of NFIs and cash;

•   Work with consortium members’ and partners’ field offices to conduct quarterly beneficiaries’ consultation meeting to get feedback and capture key learnings from the beneficiaries on quality improvements;

•  Support and regularly follow up status of feedback collected, communicate partners programme teams/MEAL Officers/SMT in the immediate resolving of complaints and issues, closing the feedback loop as per the procedures;

•   Work with consortium members and partner field offices in collecting and managing the consolidated feedback from the database, and share the consolidated accountability report on monthly basis to Deputy Consortium Lead and MEAL TWG, and programme teams, partners SMT for decision making and continual improvement;

• Support to organize partners level joint biannual accountability mechanisms review, learning and sharing platforms.

Evaluating of Project and Consortium Approach Performance and Impact

•   Work with the Operations Manager in preparing and sharing the yearly evaluation plans;

•   In consultation and advice with the Operations Manager, prepare TOR for baseline surveys, end-line surveys, final project evaluations and vulnerability needs assessment carried out both internally and by external evaluators and facilitate the whole processes;

• Support in preparing ToR for final evaluations, selecting of appropriate external lead consultants, review of inception reports and tools designed, and monitoring of field data collection, facilitating payments, review of final evaluation reports;

• Work with the Operations Manager in organizing meetings and produce reports for wider dissemination of project accomplishments, project close out and lessons documentation workshop; including external final evaluation reports that goes along with the donor reports.

Capacity Building

• Support Operations Manager in institutionalizing anticipatory action in humanitarian responses, and train consortium members, partners and community level institutions in instilling the idea of anticipatory humanitarian and climate action

•   Support the MEAL TWG in undertaking trainings needs, and capacity assessment and organizing MEAL trainings/Inductions/coaching/mentoring of SWAN consortium and partner staff as per the EHF policies;

•  Jointly provide Technically support, guidance and facilitate trainings for consortium team, partners field staff, field MEAL focal points and programme team on various MEAL concepts and practices including project cycle management (assessments, design, MEAL and data collection, data analysis and reporting) for promoting participatory monitoring and learning activities, and program improvement;

Learning and Knowledge Management

•  Work with the Operations Manager to organize regular project familiarization and validation workshops, biannual SWAN project review and learning events/forums;

•  Support to establish MEAL innovative learning, sharing and knowledge management practices within consortium partner’s through organizing MS team view, face book, MEAL platform group; SWAN project MEAL folders at O or N-Drives as documentation, sharing, learning and knowledge management practices both in hard and soft copies;

• Support in the management and updating the consortium database of PDM surveys, assessments, final evaluation surveys and end-term results and learning from review and reflection workshops, and other programmatic learning processes and products;

•  Collect and document best practices, case and success stories for implemented multi-sectoral responses with the support from partners field offices based on MEAL TWG guidance, and being in line with the EHF communication and visibility guidelines; and assist the project team in documenting lessons learnt;

•  In liaison with the Operations Manager, facilitate learning and sharing through review meetings and other relevant platforms among partners and SWAN project grantees and sub grantees;

• Work with the Operations Manager in preparing and disseminating SWAN project summary report of the key findings and learnings from the major MEAL exercises such as assessments (PDM and accountability), surveys and evaluations, review meetings, field visits, reports, organized events as key lessons learned, and knowledge management practices (Best practices, successes, failures, areas of improvement, advocacy, influencing) for PMT, steering committees and field project managers.

Collaboration and Coordinatio

. Support SC partnership and award team in partner review processes and reporting;

• Support the Operations Manager in organizing quarterly MEAL TWG meetings to coordinate MEAL system implementation (harmonize practices, joint response, avoid overlap of beneficiary, approaches, standardized assistance packages, cross learning, reaching at scale) and provide oversight of the execution of MEAL processes and consortium plan to deliver large scale humanitarian response NFI provision and cash programming;

•  Support to organise quarterly consortium coordination meetings to review progress; exchange experiences and key learning, and to gauge overall consortium coordination; joint monitoring visits with local and regional government representatives to track progress and draw out lessons;

. Representing SC and SWAN consortium, and building strong relationships with project

Job Requirements

Use the below link to apply :

We need to keep children safe so our selection process, which includes rigorous background checks, reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.

All employees are expected to carry out their duties in accordance with our global anti-harassment policy.

Technical Skills, Experience and Knowledge:

This role will require a range of skills, experience and knowledge.


·Bachelor Degree with a minimum of 8 years’ of experience in international NGOs in humanitarian and development programming with consortium approach on MEAL, Program Development and Program Quality Manager and Advisor positions

·  Practical experience in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of anticipatory humanitarian and climate action, monitoring and evaluation, DRM concepts, partnership and localization agenda

·  Strong technical competence and experience in development of MEAL systems and strategies, quantitative and qualitative monitoring and evaluation methods, data analysis, reporting and understanding of contemporary trends and debates in the field including innovative M&E;

· Practical experience of mainstreaming gender in development, advocacy or humanitarian work

·   Demonstrated experience coordinating MEAL with partners, ideally in a Consortium structure and knowledge management frameworks;

·  Proven experience of upward and downward accountability approaches and mechanisms;

· Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate in English clearly both verbally and in writing and with all levels of staff;

· Demonstrated experience coordinating MEAL with focus on supporting capacity building (advise, train, mentor and coach others on MEAL) of local partners;

•   Research background and knowledge of statistical packages (SPSS or STATA), and excellent understanding and practical experience with MS Office application;

•  Background on database management, experience in working with quantitative and qualitative data;

· Team management experience desirable


•  MA degree in Social Science including Development Study, Agricultural Economics, Economics and Statistics relevant field of study from a recognized university.

•  Good understanding, familiar with humanitarian concept, anticipatory and DRM concepts, and familiar with and abide by the International standards, the Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS), SPHERE, LEGS, NGO/Red Cross Code of Conduct, the People in Aid Code, including safeguarding;

• Good understanding of WASH, ES and NFI, Health and Protection programming in IDP, returnee IDP and host community responses programming.

• Adequate experience and understanding on nexus programming (Humanitarian-Development-Peace Building)

We need to keep children safe so our selection process, which includes rigorous background checks, reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.

All employees are expected to carry out their duties in accordance with our global anti-harassment policy.

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