Senior Chemistry Analyst

Job Description

Under the general direction of the department manager and in accordance with laboratory procedures of the company, receives and allocates samples to other analysts; reviews analysis reports of other analysts; undertakes all kinds of chemical testing and analysis and report preparation; coaches other analysts; and participates in training, consulting, research and development activities.

Job Requirements

·         Education: MSc/BSc in Chemistry or related field

·         Work Experience:  for MSc 4 & for BSc 6 years

·          Experience in testing on HPLC, AAS, and GC-MS and on other similar machineries in food, Beverage sector is mandatory.


1.    Competencies

·         Comprehensive knowledge of laboratory testing,  analyses and management practices and procedures;

• Comprehensive knowledge of food laboratory quality assurance methods, techniques and tools; Strong analytical and investigative skills;

• Good communication skills;

• High integrity;

• High commitment, devotion, motivation and endurance

Interested applicants fulfilling the above requirement are invited to apply by submitting their application letter, CV and supporting documents through email within 7 days mentioning the position in the subject line. For more information contact us through. Telephone No. 0116679905/0116679231

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