Logistic Manager

Job Description

Ensures that activities required to accept barley and deliver malt are compliant with the relevant EHS & food safety site rules.

As a manager, leading by example to drive the safety culture and will promote an open and proactive approach to safety on site.

BOPEX (Operational Excellence)

Uses OPI data to make informed decisions for process improvements in logistics.

Develops logistic KPI’s & data sets to optimize logistics capability

Maintains and organises comprehensive suites of data to enable fact-based decisions to be made.

Applies CI techniques to identify areas for improvement and to optimise operational performance in logistics e.g. schedules, times etc.

Quality & Customer Service

Liaise closely with the commercial team in Addis to ensure that barley is arriving on time and in full to the malting plant on a daily basis.

Liaise closely with the quality team to ensure that the quality team are satisfied to accept the barley and allow it to be transferred to the Cimbria intake point (intake pit).

Minimise the volume of by product generated at the barley reception area and where there is by product, liaise with the Production Manager on how best to manage this.

Manage the stock and removal from site of the waste PP bags generated at barley reception.

Liaise closely with the Production Manager to ensure that there is a good steady flow of barley to the Cimbria intake plant on time and in full on a daily basis.

Handover of barley ownership to Production Manager at Cimbria intake point (intake pit).

Liaise closely with the Production Manager to manage the logistics of moving all the by products from site and keeping an overview of outgoing volumes etc.

Manages the deliveries of all by products from site as per the agreed contracts with all relevant customers.

Monitor quality, quantity, delivery times, and transport costs.

Recommend optimal transport modes, routes or frequency.

Monitor services of suppliers against performance criteria.

Ensure carrier/supplier compliance with company policies or procedures for product transit or delivery.

Resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, imports or exports or customer issues.

Review impact of logistics changes, such as routing, shipping modes, product volumes or carriers and report results to others.

Assess and make recommendations for logistics processes in potential new facilities or plants and advise of cost implications and efficiency.

Support continuous improvement initiatives and identify inefficiencies and cost optimization opportunities.

Keep track of slow moving and obsolete stock.

Identify savings by removing waste or unnecessary steps in the logistics process.

Interpret trends and analyse and review data. Provide meaningful logistics data to others in the organization to aid customer service and cost improvements.

Engage in other activities in finance as required.


As a minimum work with colleagues to reduce the environmental impact of the activities on site such that the activities on site do not exceed our environmental impact consent levels and are in accordance with our stated CSR/sustainability ambition.

People Management

A leader with strong people management and communication skills

Job Requirements

Job Qualifications

Minimum 8 years of experience in logistics and supply chain activities, out of which 3 years of experience in managerial role with same or related position.
A background from the malting, brewing or distilling industry is preferred.  Other manufacturing backgrounds such as food, pharmaceutical manufacture or similar should be able to demonstrate skills required in the role.
Experience of managing stakeholder expectations, especially liaising with customers in respect of logistics processes such as volumes, timelines etc.

Language / IT:

Fluent in English and Amharic
Competent in the use of MS Office – especially manipulating data in excel

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